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TheNeuhausDesign is a self designed, created, and managed webpage with the purpose of providing users a chance to view my works. I enjoy many walks of life, this is just one of the many professions I cling to as retirement nears and the better years of life unfold. As such, I find myself with some time to share my photographs and opinions on methods and products with the world which is why I created this blog. Often times I will update this blog with previews of my most recent photography as well as other notification of interest such as
tips or tricks, what my next photo venues will include, and what’s happening at TheNeuhausDesign. If you are interested, please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed. I hope you enjoy your stay and get a chance to view my portfolio¬†over at my main page.

Thank you for visiting,
-Linda Neuhaus

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  1. Hey Linda,

    This is Siddhartha here :) We met yesterday at Yosemite and spent a few minutes chatting up about your work. As you website is under construction, leaving a reply for you here…

    I hope you got your shots and would love to see some of them, if possible. I also have a travel-photography blog (very amateurish I must add) and I would upload some pics from yesterday as well there soon. Would love you feedback, and would love to learn more about photography from both of you :)

    Have a fantastic weekend ahead, am already back in campus and back with the books!


    • Hello to You Siddhartha;

      So glad to here from you so soon. You can see some of our photography if you go to to my Facebook page,I posted some examples there. I will be adding more this weekend after we sort through the three days of shooting.

      We would be glad to give you feedback on your travel-photography blog and we welcome feedback on our blog as well. Let us know what you would like to learn about photography.

      Your fellowship in Biodesign at Stanford sounds interesting. Please share with us if you can what you are doing. My first love is art but my second has always been the sciences.

      You have a great week and the best to you and your studies.

      Rick and Linda

  2. Dear Friends,

    How did March arrive so quickly? It seemed only yesterday my husband and I were sloshing around Yosemite in the snow and chill air and later enjoying hot tea by the fireplace after our three days of shooting photos.

    I hope you are finding inspiration around you as March is the time of new birth and spring.

    In the San Joaquin Valley, where we live nestled closely to the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and foothills, spring displays the Sierra’s snow-peaked caps, enveloped by beautiful saucered clouds of blue, white and pink,
    while in the foothills wildflowers of lupine, fiddle-neck and California poppies appear after winter rains.

    Meanwhile the Valley floor displays subtle pastel colors of white, pink and pale green as the blossoming orchards let us anticipate the abundance of another good harvest in the coming fall.

    I’m sure the same is or will be happening in your area wherever you may live. I encourage you to take the time to pick up your cameras and capture your own wonderful moments of spring.


    Rick and Linda of The Neuhaus Design

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