Hello and where did April and May go?  Well for us at the Neuhaus Design it has been busy with another trip to the Sequoia foothills , the Springville Rodeo and the birth of a new grandchild.  That left me with editing exciting photos of  the foothills during a spring time storm, when it rained in the valley, hailed in the foothills, snowed down to 1000 foot level and still had  fields of wildflowers; poppies, wild mustard, fiddle-neck, and lupine blooming as well.

Then as the Valley started heating up to the 80′s and 90′s we had  an invite to photograph the rodeo circuit in Springville, California, one of the oldest rodeos  in our  Central Valley.  Finally, before April left its spring flowers and us, our second grand daughter was born on April 26th.  Looking ahead to just that occasion, I contracted with a young and exciting business called At Any Rate to create some custom crocheted and knitted baby beanies for a photo session with our latest edition.  Check out At Any Rate  creations on their Facebook page!

In closing, we like to share with you our  plans for a 25 day trip to  Zurich, Switzerland and Paris, France. We have an apartment rented with internet access and I plan to post photos and blog about our adventures with you. To better prepare , I consulted a wonderful website that helped improve my photos, my outlook,  and especially my understanding of composition and working with natural light. Check out the information at Digital Photography School. It is a great site!

Until we land in Europe, take care and keep creating great moments in time with photography.

Sincerely Yours,

The Neuhaus Design

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