Where have I been so long?

Where have I been so long well let me start by saying it was surprising when I found I needed knee surgery when I returned from photography and traveling last summer. Now I know I am one of many who have this operation and physical therapy but I was anxious to know whether I would be able to bend, climb… (more…)


I have been on the road in Utah, Ohio and Colorado . My most amazing photography experience was in Kodachrome Basin in Utah. ¬†Kodachrome Basin was given its name in 1948 when National Geographic decided to explore the somewhat unknown area using a newly released film from Eastman Kodak called Kodachrome. ¬† This peach is worth the time and a… (more…)

Very cool way to understand lightings effects on expression by color and direction.


Finding Your Inspiration

Dear Friends, How did March arrive so quickly? It seemed only yesterday my husband and I were sloshing around Yosemite in the snow and chill air and later enjoying hot tea by the fireplace after our three days of shooting photos. I hope you are finding inspiration around you as March is the time of new birth and spring. In… (more…)

A little inspiration

I found this somewhat inspirational in revealing that when we take pictures, it is not only our lives that are affected by the photography but the world that sees it and the people involved. B.A.D. photographs: National Geographic Photography

Hello World!

Good afternoon all, With the recent work being conducted on my primary webpage as well as business card design I am eager to present my works to the world. I will keep you all up to date on the progress of the website and, for the time being, post my favorite photo’s from various categories for your viewing pleasure. -Linda… (more…)